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    hole saw

    Related Categories: 6 Inch Hole Saw | 6 Hole Saw | Hole Cutter
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    RDX High Speed Hole Saws
    For cutting holes 1-1/8 inches deep. High speed steel cutting edge is electron beam welded to tough alloy back to cut clean holes in any machinable material. Knockout holes for easy core removal.
    $4.80 - $47.35
    Morse Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Saws
    Coarser tooth design for very fast cutting of holes and softer material. Ground and set teeth cut materials that bi-metal saws can't. Three teeth per inch create wider gullet for better chip clearance and faster cutting. Applications: cuts aluminum, acoustic tile, countertops, drywall, fiberboard,…
    $11.85 - $71.05
    Morse Master Cobalt Bimetal Hole Saws
    Cuts wood, plastic, all types of machinable metals including stainless steel alloys, and nail-embedded wood. Separate arbor required. Features:* Positive rake teeth provide better chip clearance* 1-1/2 inch cutting depth will cut through a 2 x 4* Variable pitch teeth reduce friction and heat*…
    $6.45 - $60.50
    APT 1/2
    …any other larger diameter shallow hole cutting. High speed steel, with 1/4-inch pilot. Tool centers quickly and held securely in position after pilot drill has entered workpiece. Body then cuts a clean, burr-free hole faster than conventional twist drills or hole saws. With normal care, tool life is…
    $29.40 - $108.75
    APT High Speed Pilot Drill with Whistle Notches
    For use with hole saws, hole cutters and other pilot tools with split points.
    item # 1211-0135
    RDX 6-Piece Carbide Grit Hole Saw Set
    Includes 1/4-inch carbide tipped pilot drill, adapter and blades.
    item # 0833-9920
    Morse Tungsten Carbide Grit Hole Saw
    The long lasting choice for cutting holes in materials too hard or too abrasive for standard bimetal saws, or so thin they would strip bimetal or chip carbide teeth. Ideal for cutting ceramics, fiberglass, hardwoods, cast iron, composites, etc. Super resistance to heat, wear and abrasion with shock…
    $21.95 - $97.85
    Vermont American Door Lock Installation Kit
    Use on wood and composition doors to install locks. Set contains the following: 1-inch paddle bit with 1/4-inch shank; 2-1/8 inch hole saw; 1/4-inch shank mandrel and 1/4-inch drill.
    item # 0832-0370
    USA Hole Saw Mandrel with Pilot Drill
    With pilot drill.
    $6.50 - $14.10
    RDX Hole Saw Mandrel with Pilot Drill
    With pilot drills.
    $3.50 - $8.75
    Morse Arbor with Pilot Drill
    Adapts Morse hole saws to any power drill or carbide tipped grit saws. Heavy duty carbon steel.
    $8.85 - $15.20
    Morse Master Cobalt Bimetal Electrician Hole Saw Kits
    Special jobs need special tools. Handy kits keep the blade sizes pros need within easy reach. Cuts all types of machinable metal, including stainless steel, as well as wood, nail embedded wood and plastic. Standard 1-1/2 inch cutting depth.
    $88.50 - $181.00
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    Related Categories: 6 Inch Hole Saw | 6 Hole Saw | Hole Cutter
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