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    digital angle

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    General Tools Digital Angle Finder Rules
    …needs, in the shop or the field. Features: * Digital stainless steel angle rules make precise measurements for easy woodworking* Calculates interior (inside) and exterior (outside) angles easily and accurately in seconds* Lock and reverse angle features for all types of work* Large, easy to…
    $24.95 - $32.95
    General Tools ToolSmart Digital Angle Finder
    Quickly determine the angle of any corner. Especially useful for crown molding and flooring applications to ensure perfect cuts every time. Using the free ToolSmart phone app (Apple iOS or Android), you can quickly and easily determine materials and tools needed for projects. Finder is Bluetooth…
    item # 6800-1220
    RDX 2-in-1 Digital Angle Rule
    * Measure angle and length; metric (400 mm) and inch (7") scales* Calculate angles quickly and accurately* Clear digital display* Easy operation: just two push buttons (on/off and zero)* Stable locking function locks measurement at any angle* Stainless steel scale* Also can function as straight or…
    item # 1280-0100
    General Digital Precision Protractor
    Take the guesswork out of measuring, marking and reading angles on your next project with the Model 1702 digital protractor. It displays absolute and relative angle measurements on a large, easy to read LCD screen. Display also has a hold function and can be inverted 180 degrees for easy reading…
    item # 6800-0865
    General Tools Digital Sliding T-Bevel
    …this is the first and only digital T-bevel on the market. Ideal for measuring, storing and transferring inside and outside angles when building cabinetry, furniture and picture frames; installing tile; and more. Highly accurate tool offers easy to read digital angle measurements on large LCD…
    item # 6800-0860
    RDX Digital Protractor
    Unit has full 360-degree measuring range and performs three measuring functions in one: angle finder, protractor and level. Display always reads upright, no matter which way level is turned. Simple calibration requires no special fixtures. Precision machined stainless frame. Three-volt lithium…
    item # 1291-0400
    RDX Digital Protractor with Stainless Frame
    Versatile unit provides three mesuring functions: protractor, angle finder and level. Five keys for on/off, angle, alarm, 0-percent slope, calibration and hold. Display always reads upright, no matter which way the level is turned. Simple calibration; requires no special fixtures. Precision machined…
    item # 1291-0405
    Fagor Innova 40i True Vision Digital Readouts
    …milling, boring, turning, grinding, etc.* 50 work offsets (for milling); multiple tool offsets (16 or 20 sets)* Built-in calculator with auto recall* Software travel limits for safety* Part centering and alignment; angle calculation in the plane* USB port for easy communication and software updates
    $1185.95 - $2381.65
    Leg Extension for Bosch Miterfinder
    Attaches to Bosch Miterfinder digital protractor, Model DWM40L, to allow angle measurements of surfaces that are too short to accommodate the Miterfinder's own leg.
    item # 3103-0121
    General Tools ToolSmart Laser Distance Measurer
    …(tracking) modes are ideal for layout work. Memory will store up to 20 measurements. Backlit, four-line LCD provides continual onscreen digital readout of angle with respont to horizontal in most measurement modes. Waterproof and dustproof to IP54 standards. Auto power off. Includes two AAA alkaline…
    item # 6800-1215
    Padded Nylon Case for Bosch Miterfinder
    Optional case has room to hold Bosch's Model DWM40L Miterfinder digital protractor/angle finder (order no. 3103-0120; owner's manual; and optional leg extension (order no. 3103-0121).
    item # 3103-0122
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