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    De-Sta-Co Small Straight Line Action Clamp
    Smallest De-Sta-Co straight line clamps, ideal for electronic applications and similar small fixturing. Model 601 has an 8/32-inch nylon spindle. Height base to centerline is 1/2 inch.
    $13.55 - $14.30
    De-Sta-Co Compact Straight Line Action Clamp
    Compact model features De-Sta-Co balanced construction for durability and rigid holding ability. Height base to centerline is 13/16 inch. Red vinyl grip.
    item # 1515-0105
    De-Sta-Co 351-R Toggle Lock Pull Action Clamp
    The 351 Series is excellent for many latching needs. Pull bar is threaded for easy adjustment. Model 351-R has a large handle pad that improves clamp operability.
    item # 1515-0280
    De-Sta-Co Large Capacity Straight Line Action Clamp
    Large holding capacity for its size. With red vinyl handles. Height base to centerline is 31/32 inch.
    item # 1515-0100
    De-Sta-Co Swivel Foot Adjustment Spindle Assembly
    Supplied with DE-STA-CO clamp Model 462.
    item # 1515-0155
    De-Sta-Co Hex Head Adjustment Spindle Assembly
    For use with De-Sta-Co clamps.
    $2.15 - $2.57
    De-Sta-Co Neoprene Cap Adjustment Spindle Assembly
    With flat tip bonded neoprene cap. For use with De-Sta-Co clamps; see part numbers for compatible models and series.
    $2.50 - $3.80
    De-Sta-Co Pull Action Latch Type Clamp
    Excellent for many types of latching operations. When base is welded or bolted in place, use to latch pressure vessels, cleanout doors, etc. Pull bar threaded for easy adjustment. Red vinyl grip.
    item # 1515-0070
    De-Sta-Co Reverse Action Straight Line Action Clamp
    Features a reverse handle action. As the handle moves back and down to horizontal lock position, the plunger moves forward.
    item # 1515-0240
    De-Sta-Co Retractable Locator Straight Line Action Clamp
    Fully retractable locator. Mount directly through member by jam nut on the work side, or flush by drilling and tapping member. Lock in either extended or retracted position. Red vinyl handle.
    $18.55 - $20.75
    De-Sta-Co Toggle-Lock Vertical Hold Down Clamp
    The Toggle-Lock Plus line expands the application range for clamps. Concern over accidental clamp openings, severe stresses, vibration or overhead installations are minimized by with this design. Unique clamps lock with the release lever in both clamped and the unclamped positions.
    item # 1515-0260
    De-Sta-Co Toggle-Lock Pull Action Clamp 331-R
    Ideal for latching applications on molds, doors, lids, access covers, drums, containers or vessels. Threaded U-bolt for easy adjustment. Includes latch plate.
    item # 1515-0285
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