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    deburring wheel

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    Superior Abrasives XL Unitized Deburring Wheels
    Use to clean or polish. Ideal for use on ferrous and nonferrous metals, stainless steel, extrusions and plastics. Wide range of grades and densities are great for deburring or applying fine finishes on precision parts. Designed to minimize heat buildup.
    $1.52 - $62.95
    Cratex Large Straight Rubberized Wheel
    * Use for many deburring, smoothing and polishing operations, as well as many other applications* Remove rust, heat marks, tarnish, excess solder, scratches and corrosion* Blend in and polish welded seams after rough grinding* Polish bearing surfaces and raceways* Remove burrs and break edges*…
    $3.50 - $106.00
    Superior Abrasives Shur-Brite Deburring Wheels
    Designed to be smear and heat resistant, while producing fast cut rates and finer finishes with consistent results. Recommended for medium to heavy deburring applications, blending coated abrasive scratch patterns, and polishing stainless steel and titanium parts.
    $34.80 - $62.45
    3M Scotch-Brite EXL Deburring Wheels
    Long life wheel safer than wire types. Cleans more effectively. Aggressive yet smooth-running. Less operator fatigue. Cool operation prevents discoloration of parts. Key to grades is as follows: 2S FIN, finer and more flexible; 8S FIN, best general starting point; and 9S FIN, coarser and harder.
    $35.10 - $85.45
    3M Roloc EXL Unitized Wheels
    Perfect for edge deburring and finishing. Tough Scotch-Brite material. Mineral throughout construction continuously exposes new abrasive. Threaded attachment system secures the wheel to the holder.
    $3.85 - $7.00
    Weiler Crimped Straight Wire Wheels
    Conflex brush is a small diameter copper center wheel permanently mounted on 1/4-inch stem to provide very flexible brushing action. For light deburring and carbon removal. Also clean drilled holes, tube diameters, and internal threads, pipe, keyways and grooves.
    $10.81 - $15.26
    Republic 82°  Piloted Countersink & Deburring Tools
    The action of a single cutting edge provides faster stock removal and prevents chatter. Recommended for deburring steel and other ferrous materials. Easily resharpen by using an axial relieving fixture or inserting a small mounted grinding wheel into hole. High speed steel.
    $11.25 - $23.00
    Weiler Small Diameter Non-Sparking Wheel
    Non-sparking brass for use where flammable substances are present. Flexible brushing action and consistent performance for light duty cleaning and deburring applications that require a small wheel at high speeds.
    item # 6622-4055
    Weiler Narrow Face Crimped Wire Wheel
    Non-sparking brass wire for use when flammable substances are present. Flexible brushing action. Consistent performance for general purpose and light duty cleaning and deburring applications.
    item # 6622-4050
    Weiler Crimped Wire Wheels
    …use on straight grinders and stationary machines, such as bench or pedestal grinders and buffing lathes. Weiler solid ring construction. Applications include removing rust and light corrosion; paint removal and surface cleaning; decorative finishing; removing heat discoloration; and light deburring.
    $15.40 - $163.61
    Weiler Knot Type Straight Wire Wheels
    Permanent 1/4-inch stem mount to provide heavy duty brushing action with some flexibility. Ideal for deburring and demanding cleaning applications on somewhat irregular surfaces. Use to remove powder and rubberzed coatings and epoxy based paints; weld preparation and cleaning; cleaning scale and…
    $19.59 - $20.26
    Weiler Stringer Bead Twist Knot Wheels
    The standard for high performance weld cleaning. Other uses are removal of rust, scale, oxidation, rubber and plastic flash; heavy deburring; and surface conditioning and roughening.
    $16.92 - $44.26
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