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    buffing wheels

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    Divine Buffing Wheels
    Cotton flannel wheels are great for any type of polishing or finish improvements. True running and durable. Choose single sewn for high luster and satin finish, or spiral sewn for firm buffing or cutting. All wheels are 20 ply.
    $2.99 - $8.95
    Divine Red-D-Vent Bias Muslin Buffing Wheels
    These 16-ply Grade 86182 wheels are long lasting and cooler running than full disc types. Bias cloth and ruffle construction. Untreated general purpose industrial and yellow treated all purpose styles available. Note: OSHA requires all ventilated bias buffing wheels be used with steel flanges…
    $8.93 - $25.95
    Solid Steel Flanges for Divine Bias Buffing Wheels
    Use with muslin bias buffing wheels from Divine Bros. Flanges must be used with all buffing wheels under OSHA guidelines.
    $26.50 - $71.80
    Divine Mounted Felt Bobs
    Finest 100 percent wool fibers give bobs a very consistent density. Fibers have been combed, batted, hardened and felted to provide longer life and consistent density for your most rigorous finishing needs.
    $1.76 - $6.31
    Center Plate For Divine Bias Buffing Wheels
    For use with Divine bias buffing wheels.
    $1.05 - $1.49
    Divine Goblet Buffs
    Use for tight spots and right angle corners. Can be used on sides and ends, because mandrels do not go all the way through. Also use on drills, die grinders or buffing taper spindle.
    $6.63 - $20.55
    Dico Buffing Compositions
    …formulated to produce superior results for specific applications. Emery (E5, black): Most aggressive, approaching a flexible grinding wheel. Coarse buffing and to remove scratches, rust, corrosion and burrs from iron, steel and other hard metals. Tripoli (TC6, brown): Natural abrasive. Removes…
    $2.70 - $11.20
    Clover Abrasive Compound Duplex Cans
    Clover duplex cans are a handy way of keeping both coarse and fine abrasive compounds at your fingertips. The foolproof double-ended can makes it impossible to cross contaminate the two compounds. One end of the end must be closed before the other Clover compound can be used. Two ounces (56 grams)…
    item # 5313-0165
    Superior Abrasives Hand Finishing & Buffing Discs
    Used for surface imperfections and to blend final finish. Palm-held hook and loop holder fits comfortably in hand.
    $1.14 - $14.13
    Weiler Crimped Wire Wheels
    For use on straight grinders and stationary machines, such as bench or pedestal grinders and buffing lathes. Weiler solid ring construction. Applications include removing rust and light corrosion; paint removal and surface cleaning; decorative finishing; removing heat discoloration; and light…
    $15.40 - $163.61
    RDX 3-Piece Felt Polishing Wheel Set
    Use with mini grinders. Includes two 1-inch felt polishing wheels and mandrel.
    item # 3062-0050
    Baldor Industrial Buffer
    …with soft cloth buffing wheels and buffing compounds. Buff and polish objects to various degrees of luster. Specific buffing applications may require addition of operator safety devices. Consult a safety engineer before installation. Prices include flanges and nuts but not wheels. All three-phase…
    $347.30 - $2813.40
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    Related Categories: Buffing
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