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    RDX Ground Square Tool Bits
    High speed M2 steel or 5 percent cobalt available.
    $1.25 - $49.00
    Republic Standard Length CNC/NC Spotting Drill
    High speed steel, standard length.
    $14.50 - $67.95
    RDX Straight Shank Single End 45° Boring Bars
    Heat treated bars can be used for high speed or carbide tipped boring tools. Shown with bits, which are not included.
    $3.75 - $24.25
    RDX 20-Piece Mini Lathe Tool Kit
    Consists of:* Adjustable turning tool holders -- one each 5/16-inch square, square left and square right shanks, with 1/8 high speed bits* Mini cut-off tool holder with 5/16 square shank and 3/16 x 2 inch cut-off high speed blade* DE boring bar, 3/8-inch diameter, 1/2-inch square shank holder,…
    item # 2205-9910
    Irwin Phillips Power Bits
    Bits specifically designed for higher torque of power tools. They provide more clearance between the power tool and fastener and deliver professional performance that stands up to rigorous use. Phillips power bits are used in power drill chucks and chuck adapters. Made of high grade S2 tool steel.
    $0.43 - $2.75
    CMT Roundover Router Bits
    Smaller bearing makes a delicate inset at base of the cut, providing an extra decorative option. Simply change bit bearing to create a bead profile.
    $28.25 - $57.20
    RDX Ground Rectangular Tool Bit
    High speed steel. Use as tool bits or four-way parallels.
    $2.10 - $4.20
    Irwin TORX Power Bits
    Commonly used in computer and automotive applications. Bits specifically built for higher torque of power tools. They are provde more clearance between tool and fastener and deliver professional performance that stands up to rigorous use.
    $1.98 - $2.65
    RDX 60° Bell Type Center Drills
    High speed steel, with 120-degree angle.
    $1.40 - $11.55
    Groo-V Tip Multi-Purpose Bits
    Percussion or rotary only, bit makes holes in almost all materials. Engineered for drilling hard material, specialized ram-tip bits have serrated carbide tip that penetrates faster, up to 50 percent more than standard masonry bits. Drill press supported motor recommended for drilling hard metal.
    $7.35 - $42.20
    CMT Cove Router Bits
    Use bits to add a final touch to simple or elegant furniture, doors and drawer fronts. Join them together with a roundover bit and make perfectly fitting rule joints, ideal for drop leaf counters and table tops. Aanti-kickback design, carbide-tipped cutting edges, Fatigue Proof® steel body and…
    $35.95 - $36.80
    CMT Chamfer Router Bits
    Bits cut clean, accurate bevels and chamfers. Great for edge work or to make perfectly aligned multi-sided containers, boxes and other decorative projects. Get excellent results on larger scale projects, such as beams and columns.
    $29.79 - $35.95
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