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    Tape Measure

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    Lufkin 25 ft. Power Tape Measure
    * Lightweight, high strength case fits comfortably in hand* Unique slide lock design for easy blade control* Wide base keeps tape standing upright* Clear coat blade protection for nore durable markings* Fits easily in most tape holsters
    ON SALE $6.95
    item # 6902-0300
    Komelon Flat Tape
    Steel measuring tape has an adhesive back and can be applied to any clean, flat surface. Great for table saw, workbench, drafting table, or any flat work surface. A must have for any stationary job. Ensures accurate measurements.
    item # 1305-0025
    Lufkin Unilok Tape Measure
    …blade with easy to read black numerals* Lightweight, strong high viz case* Positive toggle lock holds blade securely at any length for accurate measurement* Built-in shock absorber cushions blade return* Removable belt clip A-2 blades have feet and inches to 1/16ths top edge; consecutive inches to…
    $8.40 - $13.70
    Empire Power Grip 25-Foot Tape
    Thick, molded rubber boot fits comfortably in hand for better control and impact absorption. Bold, clear numbers on rigid, bright yellow tape, with fractional graduations. Other features are protective acrylic coating on blade, durable ABS case with steel belt clip, and dependable slide lock.
    item # 1302-0310
    Lufkin Pro Series Power Return Measuring Tape
    …blade life five times longer than standard* Patented end hook lasts 10 times longer than ordinary ones* Non-slip toggle lock allows complete control of power tape blade* Rubber cushion shell protects tape from impact and improves grip* Compact size for comfort and easy storage* Removable belt clip
    $11.30 - $18.85
    RDX Tape Measure
    Spring return control. Includes belt clip and plastic case. Yellow clad.
    $2.50 - $7.95
    Lufkin Universal Lightweight Measuring Tape
    * Yellow clad blade, high impact polystyrene case and easy wind nylon drum* Hook ring neatly retained in case's contoured mouth* Lightweight 0.005-inch thick steel with easy to read markings* B-1 blade style has black markings on one side only; graduated feet and inches to 1/8ths with instantaneous…
    item # 6902-0030
    Lufkin Ultra Lock Tape Measure
    Chrome case with all yellow clad measuring tape. Exclusive Ultramane non-glare blade, which also enables user to mark measurements on blade and wipe off. Blade styles available: * A-1 blade is 1/2 inch wide and have feet and inches by 1/16ths on the top edge, consecutive inches by 1/16ths on the…
    $8.50 - $15.70
    RDX Open Reel Tape Measure
    One side reads up to 300 feet, while the other up to 90 meters. Fiberglass tape will not corrode or distort. Folding rewind crank.
    item # 7000-0400
    Empire Open Reel Fiberglass Tapes
    Two-color tape with numbers and graduations in black. White side marked in inches, and yellow has engineering scale. Tape will not rot, corrode or distort. High impact yellow case with comfortable rubber hand grip.
    $18.35 - $42.50
    Lufkin Quikread Measuring Tape
    Vertical numbering is easy to read at any work angle. Measure faster and easier with fractions down to 8ths and decimal equivalents to reduce misreading. Tough, comfortable, round ABS case. Shock absorber protects end hook on return, and thumb-actuated lock securely holds blade.
    $8.40 - $10.00
    Lufkin 800 Series Power Return Measuring Tape
    * Blade design achieves 10-foot standout -- make longer measurements* Rugged orange and black plastic case, designed especially to fit your hand* Soft touch lock button for better feel and control* Rubber cushion absorbs impact and provides improved grip* Clearcoat blade protection -- more durable…
    item # 6902-4000
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