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    Silicon Carbide Wheels

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    CGW Green Silicon Surface Grinding Wheels
    GC type quickly grinds nonferrous metals and sharpens tungsten carbide tools. Use on titanium and cemented carbide. RA type used on tool steels below 55 Rc and for high chromium steels.
    $11.35 - $23.35
    Wheels for Baldor Carbide Grinders
    Cup wheels for use with Baldor carbide grinders. Choose from silicon carbide or aluminum oxide, 6 inches in diameter.
    $126.30 - $135.60
    RDX Wheel Dressing Stick
    Vitrified bond, regular silicon carbide (72C).
    $2.75 - $3.45
    Baldor Carbide Grinder
    Sharpen carbide tipped or high speed steel machine tools. Accommodates 6-inch silicone carbide or aluminum oxide cup wheels. GA8 dresser uses 71/6 x 1 inch diamond tool nib. Wheels, dresser and nib sold separately.
    $1365.40 - $1695.00
    Weiler Tiger Cut-Off Wheels
    Tiger cut-off wheels are reinforced with fiberglass webbing to provide stability. Formulated with resin bond for fast, high quality dry cutting. Grain types are as follows: A, aluminum oxide, for all metals except titanium; C, silicon carbide, for nonmetals and titanium; and TA, treated aluminum…
    $0.85 - $10.87
    CGW Green Silicon Carbide Plate Mounted Cup Wheel
    Type GC, green silicon carbide, is for nonferrous metals.
    3M Scotch-Brite Multi-Finishing Wheels
    Highly conformable, soft wheels that produce uniform final finishes on ferrous and nonferrous metals. Silicon carbide mineral offers a unique, bright finish often desired by stainless steel fabricators. Tough enough to finish edges and welds.
    $46.70 - $106.50
    CGW Quickie Cut Type 27 Reinforced Cut-Off Wheels
    …fiberglass, thin .045 wheels provide extremely fast cutting with burr free results and long life. Use on right angle grinders. Choose from style ZA, a mix of zirconia with aluminum oxide for general purpose work and excellent on steel and stainless. Or style A, a silicon carbide/aluminum oxide…
    $1.66 - $3.02
    Superior Shur-Kut Cleaning Discs with 1/2
    Silicon carbide discs can be ganged on mandrel or spindle to form a wheel or used individually. They handle tough cleaning and stripping jobs on rust, coatings and surface contaminants; clean weld seams, concrete moldings and forms; and help with general plant maintenance.
    $6.04 - $13.13
    Clover Abrasive Compounds
    …and for the precision mating of metal parts. For over 80 years Clover compounds have helped mechanics, tool and die makers and machine builders create precision, silky-smooth fits in machine parts, valve seats and gear teeth. Clover compounds are formulated with silicon carbide abrasive grit.
    $30.10 - $66.90
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    Related Categories: Grinding Wheels For Carbide
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