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    Dake Single Leverage Arbor Press
    Presses feature a shimmed ram cap, adjustable handle and smooth action gears. Ram cap permits take-up for potential wear, and handle can be conveniently positioned. Gears enable finite ram control. Base opening and slotted table plate for arbor work. Machined table. Shipping Notes on Order No.…
    $309.00 - $669.00
    RDX Heavy Duty Arbor Press
    * Four-position anvil* Quality heavy type iron casting* Tough stubbed gear teeth* Chrome plated adjustable round steel handle with convenient positioning* Steel rams* Body enameled finish Shipping Note: This item's weight and size exceed the UPS shipping standard; therefore there will be UPS…
    $45.00 - $184.00
    Dake 10-Ton Compact Utility Hydraulic Press
    …power of hydraulic pressure in a compact design. Utility H-frame presses feature fast, efficient, single speed hand pump, and a large diameter single acting polished piston with convenient top mounted gage. Hydraulic pressing cylinder can be relocated to right or left. Table can also be adjusted.…
    $349.00 - $469.00
    RDX 20-Ton Shop Press
    Many uses include pressing, bending and straightening in industrial or automotive operations. Heavy duty return springs for quick retraction. Includes hydraulic unit and bed plates. Steel construction. Shipping Note: Due to this product's weight, shape, size or special handling requirement, it can…
    item # 4182-0005
    Jet Hydraulic Press
    * For pressing, bending and straightening operations* Easy to use and hand operated with pressure gage for direct pressure readings* Tables raise and lower easily with use of hand crank on the 15- and 35-ton models* Side frames open for inserting long materials* Fast setup ram extension screw* Ram…
    $1199.00 - $3499.00
    Sunex 50-Ton Electric Production Press with Winch
    All welded steel construction. Winch bed lift with auto brake. Two- speed pump with remote pendant control. Chrome ram. Emerson electric motor. Bed plates, bearing punch and bearing shield are standard.
    item # 3021-0045
    RDX Machine Tapping Guide
    Provides sensitive feed for hand tapping small holes on milling machines, drill presses and lathes. Starts every hole straight and prevents tap breakage.
    item # 0375-0095
    RDX 12-Ton Hydraulic Press
    Bend, straighten, hold and press for automotive, industrial and general shop applications. Accommodates heavy duty 12-ton bottle jack. Spring automatically retracts ram when jack release valve is opened. Includes two arbor press plates. Shipping Note: Due to this product's weight, shape, size or…
    item # 4082-0040
    RDX Arbor Press with Ratchet Lever
    Press operates with ratchet device to use lever in the most convenient position. Lever counterweight provides quick return. Downstroke handwheel quickly advances ram to the work. Shipping Note: Due to this product's weight, shape, size or special handling requirement, it can be shipped via motor…
    $179.00 - $519.00
    APT D Series Straight Shank Multi-Tool Drilling Set
    …large diameter hole production (up to 3 inches) on light duty, low horsepower equipment. Examples are Bridgeport mills, lathes, 1-horsepower drill presses, and portable magnetic drills.You also can spot face, counterbore or, with simple blade modification, produce special hole configurations with…
    item # 2010-9940
    Sunex 12-Ton Tabletop Shop Press
    All welded steel construction. Heavy duty return springs for fast ram retraction. Reinforced head plate. Bed plates are standard.Frame made in USA with imported bottle jack. Shipping Note: Due to this product's weight, shape, size or special handling requirement, it can be shipped via motor freight…
    item # 3021-0055
    Dake Force 25DA Double Acting Dura Press
    …motor, pressure gage and safety relief valve. Double acting cylinder and quiet, low-pressure hydraulic components for greater efficiency and smooth pressing. One hand ram positioning with four-way valve hydraulic control. Shipped without oil. Shipping Note: Due to this product's weight, shape, size…
    item # 2803-0045
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