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    Micrometer Head

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    Starrett Longer Range Micrometer Head
    * Easy to read, well balanced thimble diameter with distinct figures* Sleeve design with staggered lines assures precise, easy readability* Satin chrome finish; no glare and rust resistant* Micro-lapped finish on spindle face* One-piece extra rigid spindle* Hardened threads* Quick reading figures,…
    $229.00 - $237.00
    Starrett Tubular Inside Micrometer
    …on rods, adjustable for length* Head anvil hardened and ground* One-piece screw with hardened threads ground from the solid and stabilized* Lock nut on 1-inch heads* Convenient handle furnished on AZ, BZ and FZ micrometers* Interchangeable anvils on both 1/2- and 1-inch heads* Includes fitted case
    $323.00 - $757.00
    Starrett Series 124 Inside Micrometer
    …ground anvils on rods, adjustable for length* Hardened and ground head anvil* One-piece screw with hardened threads ground from solid and stabilized* Quick reading figures, every thousandth numbered* Quick, easy adjustment for micrometer screw* Convenient handle available on Models 124AZ, BZ and DZ*…
    $269.00 - $846.00
    Mitutoyo Carbide Tipped V-Anvil Micrometer
    Measures outside diameter of cutting heads, such as taps, reamers and end mills with odd flute numbers. Ratchet stop for constant force. Includes setting standard.
    item # 1259-1220
    APT Precision Boring Head Sets
    Heads feature direct read .001 micrometer dial, precision hardened steel construction and boring capacity to 4 inches. Sets consist of head and PB500 10-piece, 1/2-inch shank carbide tipped boring bar set in 5/16- (standard), 7/16- (medium) and 9/16-inch (long) lengths. Includes storage case.
    $269.00 - $292.50
    APT Precision Boring Head with Integrated Shank
    Direct read .001-inch micrometer dial. Precision hardened steel.
    item # 2008-0002
    Set handles many boring needs. All steel head and nine boring bars. Head is USA made with standard 1/2-inch tooling capacity, direct read .001 micrometer dial, and hardened construction. Imported boring bars have carbide tips and hardened and ground shanks and include stand.
    $142.00 - $191.00
    Standard 1/2-inch tooling capacity. Direct reading .001 micrometer dial. Hardened steel and entirely manufactured in the U.S. Boring capacity of up to 4 inches net of 1/2 cross hole capacity.
    $119.00 - $169.00
    Mitutoyo Uni-Mike Interchangeable Anvil Type Micrometers
    * Measures hard to reach locations, such as from a hole or slot to an edge* Measures tubing thickness, shoulder edge distance, rivet head height, etc. with interchangeable anvils* Carbide tipped spindle face* Positive locking clamp* Friction thimble for exact and repetitive readings* Includes fitted…
    $198.00 - $232.10
    Micro-Adjustable Click-Type Metal Handle Torque Wrenches
    …applies* Push button socket quick release mechanism (except Models6448 and 8447)* Primary scale English; secondary scale, Newton meter* Micrometer â clickerâ torque wrenches feature a distinct breakingaction when the set torque is reached; action and clicking greatest at the upper…
    $199.00 - $1585.00
    RDX 6-Piece Measuring Tool Kit #1
    Consists of:* White face dial caliper, 6 inches, .001-inch graduation * Outside micrometer, 0- to 1-inch, .0001-inch graduation * One each square, protractor and center heads * 12-inch combination square blade, 4R (8ths, 16ths, 32nds and 64ths) * Plastic storage case
    item # 1266-9920
    Starrett Small Hole Gage
    …adjustment. Contact surface consists of split ball adjusted to size by a knurled knob at gage head. Final size thousandths of an inch is obtained by measuring over ball contacts with a micrometer. Contacts hardened for long life. Radius is less than the minimum diameter to measured, thus providing…
    $38.00 - $233.00
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