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    RDX Depth Micrometer with Interchangeable Rods
    Satin chrome finish. Ratchet stop thimble for consistent, repetitive measurements. Includes fitted box.
    $39.00 - $59.00
    Starrett Longer Range Micrometer Head
    * Easy to read, well balanced thimble diameter with distinct figures* Sleeve design with staggered lines assures precise, easy readability* Satin chrome finish; no glare and rust resistant* Micro-lapped finish on spindle face* One-piece extra rigid spindle* Hardened threads* Quick reading figures,…
    $229.00 - $237.00
    Starrett Series 440/445 Micrometer Depth Gages
    * Measure depth of holes, slots, shoulders and projections to .001 inch* Rods inserted through a hole in the screw and brought to a positive seat by knurled nut* Both sleeve and thimble have no glare satin chrome finish* Quick read graduations* Precision ground screw with 1-inch movement* Lock nut…
    $257.00 - $459.00
    Mitutoyo 0-6
    The 4 mm interchangeable rods, with lapped measuring ends, provide wide measurement range. Rod length can be adjusted in 25 mm or 1-inch increments. Micrometer also has ratchet stop for constant force, measuring rod clamp, SPC output and digit counter. Includes fitted plastic case.
    item # 1259-1245
    Starrett Digital Micrometer Depth Gage
    * Clear, easy to read white numbers on black background reduce errors* No-glare black finish on frame* Read measurement directly from counter* Ring-type knurled lock nut for quick, sure locking* Combination ratchet and speeder for uniform pressure and quicker adjustment* Hardened, ground, and lapped…
    item # 1240-2245
    RDX Electronic Micrometer
    Large, easy to read LCD readout with instant inch/millimeter conversion and floating zero. Ratchet thimble stop, carbide measuring faces, spindle lock and satin chrome spindle. Includes case.
    $69.00 - $199.00
    RDX Micrometer Set with Case
    Ratchet thimble, high quality carbide faces and positive lock clamps. Adjustable for wear. Enamel finish. Includes standards and case.
    $39.00 - $129.00
    Starrett Series 436 Carbide Tipped Micrometer
    Starrett's most popular micrometer series features precision performance; strong, lightweight rigidity and construction; and moderate price. Features:* Forged frames ribbed for extra strength, have baked enamel finish, and are tapered for narrow slots and tight places* Designed with correct thimble…
    $138.00 - $411.00
    RDX .001 Graduation Economy Micrometers
    Ratchet thimble, carbide face and positive lock clamp. Adjustable for wear. Hardened and ground anvil and spindle. Includes case; 2- to 6-inch micrometers have standards.
    $12.95 - $27.95
    RDX 6-12
    Mics feature high quality carbide faces, positive lock clamps, enamel finish and ratchet thimble. Adjustable for wear. Includes standards and case. Shipping Note: Due to this product's weight, shape, size or special handling requirement, it can be shipped via motor freight only. Please indicate in…
    item # 1251-9986
    RDX 4-Piece 0-100 mm Micrometer Set
    Features ratchet thimble, carbide measuring faces, hardened and ground anvil and spindle, and positive lock clamp. Adjustable for wear. Includes standards and fitted case.
    item # 1243-0035
    RDX 0-3
    Ratchet thimble, high quality carbide face and positive lock clamps.Adjustable for wear. Enamel finish. Includes standards and wood case (order no. 1251-9979 packed in separate boxes).
    $38.00 - $42.00
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