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    Machining Fluid

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    Extreme Kleane Sump & Machine Cleaner
    Use formula for proper metalworking machine and sump maintenance. Extend tool and coolant life and promote operator safety. As part of a regular maintenance schedule, makes bacteria and unwanted oil in and on machinery a thing of the past. Thoroughly cleans machine sumps, making coolant changeover…
    $16.00 - $77.00
    Tech-Ni-Cool Machining Lubricant
    …in high speed CNC machining operations. It handles the toughest metalworking applications in the most severe shop environments. Tool life is extended through increased lubrication, even when working with exotic and hard to machine materials. With less downtime cleaning machines, your shop will have…
    $23.40 - $103.35
    Rustlick Vytron-N Synthetic Machining Coolant
    …drilling, turning and milling. Transparent solution allows for fast setting of lines and easy workpiece visibility. Leaves dry rust protection film on machine and parts. Biodegradable for easy, inexpensive disposal. Shipping Notes on Order Nos. 6700-0070 and 6700-0075: This item's weight exceeds the…
    $41.00 - $1230.00
    Rustlick WS-500A Chlorine Free Soluble Machining Oil
    Designed with a proprietary extreme pressure additive, formula is excellent for machining titanium, Inconel X, aluminum, Rene 41, stainless steel and other metals. Compatible with CNC machining. Does not contain either chlorine or active sulfur, thereby reducing disposal costs. Shipping Notes on…
    $205.00 - $1592.00
    Rustlick 228-J Carbide Power Grind
    Synthetic fluid specifically formulated to minimize cobalt leaching and prevent chemical damage to carbide in grinding applications. Excellent lubricity and flushing keep grinding wheels clean. Prevents rust on machines and tooling. Biodegradable and safe for workers. Shipping Notes on Order No.…
    $210.00 - $1673.00
    Rustlick B Corrosion Inhibitor
    Non-flammable, water soluble formula for short-term in-process corrosion prevention in water-filled equipment Use for hydrostatic testing and corrosion control during vibratory finishing. Does not require removal prior to painting, plating or assembly. Formula is biodegradable, transparent and…
    $41.00 - $1115.00
    Rustlick WS-5050 Heavy Duty Chlorinated Oil
    Suitable for all types of machining, including CNC. Provides excellent tool life. Uses safe, chlorinated olefin EP additive. For all metals except magnesium and titanium. Contains special additives to protect neoprene seals. Shipping Notes on Order Nos. 6700-0100 and 6700-0105: This item's weight…
    $56.00 - $1662.00
    Mega Mist Metalworking Misting Lubricoolant
    Designed for use in all air operated spray mist coolant systems. Dilution ratio: one gallon makes 30 gallons; dissolves in water to transparent, non-hazardous, ionic lubricoolant. Mega Mist handles your toughest metalworking applications and lubricates tool and chips to reduce heat. Breaks down…
    $18.80 - $90.30
    Dykem Steel Red & Blue Layout Fluids
    Machine shop operators depend on Dykem layout fluids to scribe sharp, clear, precise lines. When applied, fluids provide uniform deep color that prevents glare and dries in minutes. Fluids create an extremely thin film that adds practically no thickness to workpiece and remains flexible without…
    $6.35 - $18.95
    Aervoe Marking Machine
    Lightweight, yet heavy duty aerosol striping paint applicator is for use on hard surfaces, such as asphalt and concrete. Stripe widths up to 4 inches. Includes striping alignment guide and radius wheel for making smooth arcs.
    item # 6740-0060
    Little Giant 10-Gallon Machine Coolant Tank
    Use with medium size lathes, grinders, cut-off machines and milling and drilling machines using water soluble oil, or light cutting oil up to 300 SSU viscosity. Includes all adapters and fittings for use with recommended pumps. Metal tank includes baffle, neoprene hose with brass nuts, plastic flex…
    item # 6613-0020
    Little Giant 5-Gallon Machine Coolant Tank
    Use with single spindle drill presses, bench mills, tool grinders, single spindle tapping machines, cut-off saws and small lathes using water soluble or light cutting oil. Includes all adapters and fittings for use with recommended pumps. Tank includes metal chip collector basket, baffle, plastic…
    item # 6613-0010
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