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    Digital Micrometer

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    RDX Digit-Outside Micrometers
    Digital counter indicates directly to thousandths. Positive locking nut and carbide measuring faces. Tenths scale is vernier. Includes storage box.
    $28.95 - $42.00
    Starrett Digital Electronic Micrometer with SPC Plus
    * All micrometers (except Model 734XFL-1) transmit data to the complete Starrett SPC Plus family of hardware and software, in addition to PCs* LCD readout* Minus sign display for below zero readings* No glare black wrinkle finish on frame* One-year working battery life* Automatic shutdown after 2…
    $340.00 - $1101.00
    RDX Digit-Outside Micrometer Set
    Carbide measuring faces and positive locking nut. Digit counter indicates directly to thousandths. The 10ths scale is vernier. The 0- to 4-inch set packed in separate boxes.
    $109.00 - $149.00
    RDX Electronic Digital Micrometer
    Rugged digital micrometer with simple two-button function and excellent price performance ratio. Display data origin of absolute measurement after changing battery. Power consumption less than 35 mA. Other features are auto power off, painted frame, carbide measuring faces and ratchet friction…
    $74.00 - $99.00
    Mitutoyo MDC-Lite Series 293 Digital Micrometers
    An economy version of Mitutoyo's Digimatic micrometer with a slimmer design and lighter weight than other models. Other features:* Inch/metric key* World's lightest digital micrometer -- .47 pounds (215 grams) * Easily measures 0 to 1 inch/25.4 millimeters with resolution to .00005 inch/0.001…
    $127.60 - $130.90
    Mitutoyo 0-6
    The 4 mm interchangeable rods, with lapped measuring ends, provide wide measurement range. Rod length can be adjusted in 25 mm or 1-inch increments. Micrometer also has ratchet stop for constant force, measuring rod clamp, SPC output and digit counter. Includes fitted plastic case.
    item # 1259-1245
    Starrett Digital Micrometer Depth Gage
    * Clear, easy to read white numbers on black background reduce errors* No-glare black finish on frame* Read measurement directly from counter* Ring-type knurled lock nut for quick, sure locking* Combination ratchet and speeder for uniform pressure and quicker adjustment* Hardened, ground, and lapped…
    item # 1240-2245
    Starrett Series 216 Digital Micrometer with Lock Nut
    …reading* Micro-lapped anvil and spindle faces* Hardened threads ground from the solid and stabilized* One-piece, drop forged steel frame One-inch micrometers have no-glare black finish frame, with satin chrome finish on thimble and sleeve; 2-inch have black enamel frames. Larger sizes available.…
    $264.00 - $424.00
    Starrett Digital Electronic Micrometer Depth Gage
    * High/low limit settings, error and flashing out of tolerance displays, zero setting, "hold" function, inches/mm* Satin chrome finish on thimble and sleeve* Data transmission to Starrett SPC Plus and to PCs* LCD readout with .190-inch numbers* Automatic shutdown after two hours idle time
    item # 1240-1600
    Starrett Digital Electronic Tube Micrometer
    * Measures wall thickness of tubing and other parts with cylindrical walls, and from a hole (minimum size of 3/16 inch) to an edge* Output capability to Starrett SPC Plus™ hardware and software and to IBM compatible PCs* High contrast LCD readout with large numbers* Auto shutdown after two…
    item # 1240-1595
    Mitutoyo Series 193 Digit Outside Micrometers
    * Direct digit readout* Friction thimble stop for uniform contact pressure on 1- and 2-inch micrometers* Ratchet stop for 3- to 6-inch micrometers* Carbide faced anvil and spindle* Hammertone baked enamel finish frame* Includes standards
    $177.10 - $624.80
    Starrett Electronic Micrometers
    * Large, easy to read (.275 inch/7mm), high-contrast LCD digital readout* IP67 level of protection against coolant, water, dust and dirt* Starrett no glare satin chrome finish on thimble and sleeve * Friction thimble, carbide faces and spindle lock* Balanced, tapered frame for comfortable and…
    $200.00 - $269.00
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