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    Dial Indicator Sets

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    RDX Centering Indicator
    …and accurately, as the dial indicator remains stationary while the spindle rotates. You can then use both hands to position the machine table with the indicator facing you at all times. Locate the center of a workpiece or fixture on horizontal or vertical machines. Indicate internal and external…
    $96.95 - $99.00
    RDX Granite Check & Indicator Set
    Black granite surface plate and dial comparator stand, all in one. Plate features micro-screw fingertip control on column, 0.00005-inch flatness, extreme stability, fine adjustment and acceptance of all AGD indicators.
    item # 1276-0051
    RDX Dial Indicator & Magnetic Base Set
    A must for all machinists. Fine adjustment. Includes 0 to 1-inch dial indicator and magnetic base in blow molded carrying case.
    item # 1267-0005
    The RDX dial indicator has revolution counter, satin finish, chrome plating and jeweled movement. Stem is hard chrome plated. Contact point is hardened and ground, chrome plated steel. Holder is a universal magnetic base that will save time and improve accuracy. Strong magnet with 45 pounds of…
    $19.95 - $29.95
    RDX Horizontal Type Dial Test Indicator Set
    Set consists of indicator, two contact points, two dovetail stems, contact point wrench, height gage bar, universal dovetail clamp and plastic fitted case.
    RDX 1
    Like our indicator and base set (order no. 1267-0010) but includes 22-piece indicator point set. Chrome plated indicator dial. Hardened stem and contact point. Base features permanent magnet with 132 pounds of force and on/off lever release with universal adjustment.
    item # 1267-0050
    RDX Quick-Set Test Indicator
    Adjustable bezel and dial. Easily set and reset to zero. Set includes two dovetail clamps and two posts.
    RDX 6-Piece Measuring Tool Kit #2
    …face dial caliper, 6 inches, .001-inch graduation * White face dial indicator, 1 inch, .001-inch graduation* White face test indicator, 0-15-0, .0005-inch graduation* Outside micrometer, 0- to 1-inch, .0001-inch graduation * Magnetic base with fine adjustment* 22-piece indicator point set* Plastic…
    item # 1266-9910
    Starrett Universal Back Plunger Dial Test Indicator Set
    One of the most versatile available. A rugged tool with few moving parts. Over the years it has been improved by methods and materials, but the basic design is unchanged. Simple to operate, smooth in operation, accurate, reliable and inexpensive. Kit contains three contact points, adapter for…
    item # 1240-1055
    RDX Anti-Glare Indicator, Base & 8
    dial indicator with .001-inch graduations, 0 to 100 reading, 2-inch diameter black dial, hardened stem and contact point* Magnetic base with universal adjustment, 132 pounds of force and on/off lever release* 8-inch dial caliper with stainless steel surface and adjustable non-glare black dial;
    item # 1267-0100
    Starrett Series 650 Back Plunger Dial Indicator
    …directly with main spindle for positive action. Ideal for checking workpiece internal dimensions while in fixtures or machines. Adjustable dial to set zero at any point opposite the hand. Includes three different AGD contact points, deep hole attachment, storage case, and three accessory…
    $358.00 - $462.00
    Starrett Indicator & Base Set
    Dial indicator is AGD Group 2 with jeweled bearings, Starrett Model 25-131, with no. 657E dial. Also includes case. Magnetic base features:* Push-button on/off switch for one-hand operation* Black wrinkle finish on non-working surfaces* Three precision ground magnetic contact surfaces* Grips…
    item # 1240-1725
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