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    Angle Parallels

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    RDX 6-Piece Thin Angle Set
    Precision ground on working surfaces and gun blued on non-working. Hardened and ground. Two 1/4-inch holes for mounting. By using two angles, set will span 1/2 to 5 degrees in half degree increments, or 1 to 9 degrees by 1 degree.
    item # 1291-0010
    RDX 5-Piece Thin Angle Set
    Precision ground on working surfaces and gun blued on non-working. Hardened and ground. Two 1/4-inch holes for mounting. Range of 6 to 10 degrees. By combining our 1/2- to 5-degree set (order no. 1291-0010) with this one, 1/2 to 10 degrees, or 1 to 19 degrees, in 1/2-degree increments, can be…
    item # 1291-0020
    Suburban Tool Slotted Open End Angle Plate
    High quality, fine grained, stress relieved cast iron. Four faces and ends machined square and parallel within .002 per 6 inches. Clamping slots for easy workpiece mounting. Shipping Notes on Order Nos. 1701-0790, 1701-0795, 1701-0800: This item's weight exceeds the UPS shipping standard; therefore…
    $118.00 - $492.50
    Heinrich Drill Press Vise
    …used from three sides* Workpiece leveled quickly on recessed parallel jaw inserts* Ample clearance from parallels to table, plus widely spaced jaw guide bars, enable drilling clear through work* Jaw sides precision ground at right angles to inserts for accurate machining from any direction without…
    $270.50 - $384.75
    RDX Angle Plate
    Made of steel, hardened and ground flat, square and parallel. Tapped holes on all models are either 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 to enable use of standard, readily available clamping accessories.
    $53.50 - $99.00
    RDX Precision Sine Tilt Vise
    Surfaces are hardened and ground, square and parallel to .0004 inch. Vise tilts a full 60 degrees, and the angle can be set to the desired degree with four knurled knobs. Three sets of thread holes make this vise rigid at 0, 45 and 60 degrees. Slots of 1/2 inch in the front and the back of the base…
    $119.00 - $139.00
    CENTER IT Drilling Jig for Round Stock
    …round pieces, parallel and centered. The grooves on the outer sides eliminate slippage. To use, simply place jig on drill press table, run the bit down (with motor off) to hold it centered on the bit, then bolt it to the table. Clamping tube is not necessary, since the angled flats kept it centered.…
    item # 1290-0200
    RDX Standard Machinist's Steel Square
    * Designed for precision layout and measurement work* Made of the finest hardened Sheffield steel* Hardened blade* Squares are true right angles, both inside and outside* Beams and blades are ground and lapped for parallelism * Blade length measured from corner edge of beam to end of blades
    $3.95 - $24.95
    Suburban Tool Magnetic Sine Plate
    …strap, and two rails included. Sine plate is steel hardened to Rc 58-62. Squareness, parallelism and roll center distances between .0002 and .0003 inch. Gage block roll has two .200 minute steps for setting small angles with standard gage block sets. Models MSP-126-S1 and S2 are part of Suburban's…
    $1222.35 - $2755.35
    RDX Precision V-Block
    * Chrome steel, hardened and ground* Accurate enough for layout and surface plate use* Square, parallel and concentric within ±.0001 inch * Models 475-015 and 475-020 can be set up on side or bottom angles* 90-degree V-angles
    $22.00 - $79.00
    Suburban Tool Angle Plates
    Solid one piece steel construction, hardened to Rc 58-62 and ground flat, square and parallel to within 0.0002 inch. Tapped holes on models are either 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 to use of standard and readily available clamping accessories.
    $233.30 - $661.00
    RDX Right Angle Iron
    All faces and ends machined and finished square and parallel. High quality, stress relieved, fine grained cast iron.
    $24.50 - $485.40
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