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    Detectors, Meters & Testers

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    Signal output, 50 hertz square. Continuity buzzer. Diode test, 3 volts/0.8 amps.
    item # 6619-1250
    Fully automatic, easy to use kit with receiver/transmitter and wire leads adapter and 90- to 280-volt operation. Flashing arrow indicator for easier identification. Light socket adapter for finding incandescent light circuits. Smart switch with auto-off and long battery life. High impact plastic…
    item # 6619-0305
    Simply plug transmitter into wall outlet on circuit youâ re trying to locate, then run receiver over circuit breakers or fuses. When receiver beeps and flashes, you've located the right circuit. Receiver operates on one 9-volt battery. UL listed. Identify AC circuit breakers, fuses and power…
    item # 6619-0300
    Self-contained, pocket sized meter displays moisture in wood and other building materials -- use on drywall, cardboard, plaster, concrete and mortar. Includes protective cap, replacement pins and three CR2032 button batteries. Features:* 2-in-1 large digital LCD readout and analog bar graph*…
    item # 6690-0210
    CE approved circuit tester/detector.
    item # 6619-1215
    The only two-in-one current/voltage detector designed for electrical testing. You can trace concealed wires in walls and floors, identify hot wires, trace current flow behind walls, in conduits and anywhere else voltage detection does not work. Sensitivity is high enough to trip on low voltage HVAC…
    item # 6690-0090
    Ideal for measuring rotational speeds. Features jumbo 5-digit LCD display, auto ranging and memory max./min./last. Also measures linear speeds, such as of conveyors. Includes RPM adapters, manual, hard case and batteries.
    item # 6800-1505
    Suitable for most HVAC/R and automotive operations. Features include sighting laser off switch, large 4-digit backlit LCD, selectable temperature unit, fast response time and auto power off. Includes soft carrying case.
    item # 6800-1535
    Compact unit provides non-contact AC voltage detection from 12 to 600 volts. Detects "live" wires, wire breaks, microwave oven leakage, polarity of fuses and circuit breakers and hot side of lines. Also traces HVAC and security system wires and checks fuse and circuit breaker polarity. Sensitivity…
    item # 6690-0085
    Unit has the optics needed to measure high temperatures safely from a distance. Wide measurement range handles demanding industrial applications, including operation and maintenance of furnaces and heat exchangers. Other features are "K" port, white LED flashlight, large backlit dual readout LCD,…
    item # 6800-1530
    Hand-held device determines presence or absence of 50 to 1,000 volts AC in insulated wires, wall receptacles, fuses, junction boxes, switches and other voltage carrying electrical systems. It determines defective grounds, reverse polarity, and induced voltage. It is not necessary to disconnect the…
    item # 6619-0850
    A refractometer is used to measure a substance's index of refraction, which is determined by its composition. Many devices use the Brix unit, which can be expressed as a percentage or as degrees. Items measured with a refractometer are concentration of sugar or other soluble solids in juices,…
    item # 6800-1545
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