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    Superior Abrasives

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    Designed for heavy duty stripping and cleaning of rust, oxides, paints and weld conditioning. Works much faster than wire brushes.
    $4.41 - $8.35
    Discs feature metal locking device that reduces changing to seconds. Only a half turn clockwise securely anchors disc to pad and ensures positive centering. Discs won't fly off at high speeds. No tools or adhesives required. Use Type R holders, which are sold separately.
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    ON SALE $0.44 - $0.88
    Discs offer all benefits of Superior's regular ceramic products, but with added strength of triple-ply technology. Discs are stiffer and more durable, standing up to the heaviest burr in the most demanding application.
    $0.83 - $1.33
    Use to clean or polish. Ideal for use on ferrous and nonferrous metals, stainless steel, extrusions and plastics. Wide range of grades and densities are great for deburring or applying fine finishes on precision parts. Designed to minimize heat buildup.
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    $1.52 - $62.95
    Flexible rolls have fast cutting aluminum oxide grain resin bonded to J-weight resin cloth backing. Designed for easy workability and long life in all maintenance and machine shop or production applications. Suitable for all ferrous and nonferrous metals and also great on wood and fiberglass.
    $19.53 - $46.75
    Type R quick change discs are designed for heavier deburring, cleaning and finishing. Extra tough with added ceramic grain. Coarser and more aggressive than Superior's regular surface conditioning discs.
    $0.84 - $2.65
    High strength rubber wheels with alloy steel mandrels. Full length 1/4-inch shanks.
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    $3.49 - $8.00
    Exposes sharp cutting points that yield faster, cooler cutting action. With grinding aid.
    $0.72 - $1.17
    Fast cutting; removes the toughest metal. Spiral wound construction avoids shadow marks and provides smooth, even cutting action. Mount on rubber expanding wheels.
    $0.34 - $0.89
    Use to deburr holes and polish corners and radii.
    $0.43 - $0.72
    Discs handle literally hundreds of finishing and final polishing applications.
    $1.35 - $2.98
    Silicon carbide discs can be ganged on mandrel or spindle to form a wheel or used individually. They handle tough cleaning and stripping jobs on rust, coatings and surface contaminants; clean weld seams, concrete moldings and forms; and help with general plant maintenance.
    $6.04 - $13.13
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