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    Made of steel hardened to Rc 58-62 and ground in matched pairs on four sides, for use where extra precision is required. Matched in size on width and height to tolerance of ±0.0002 inch on 6-, 8- and 12-inch lengths, and 0.0003 inch for larger lengths. Total parallelism, straightness over the…
    $169.80 - $2200.65
    Ideally suited for holding magnetic workpieces on ID grinders and other machinery that requires a rotating chuck. Permanent ceramic magnet has superior holding power and never loses strength. No electrical controls or collector rings required. Thick top plate is laminated from steel and stainless…
    $646.75 - $5145.15
    Provides quick, accurate and direct means for setting or checking angles. Eliminates calculations to help avoid errors. Blocks in 1-degree increments to 5 degrees; then 5-degree increments to 30 degrees. By adding the optional 1/4 and 1/2-degree blocks, nearly any angle can be set in 1/4°…
    $33.10 - $296.85
    Twin-Dex is a combination 5C collet and V-block in one fixture. It provides horizontal or vertical V-block mounting and 72-position index plate for hard index every 5 degrees. Two heavy duty 4-inch diameter tapered roller bearings in spindle. Extra large V-block capacity and built-in sine bar for…
    item # 1701-0923
    Minute angle step 0.2 is built into gage block roll, eliminating step in base plate. Two hardened and ground side rails and one locking strap included. Strap always remains below top surface. Large hinge pins for extra strength. Notes on Order No. 1701-0025: This item's weight exceeds the UPS…
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    $530.10 - $1561.70
    High quality, fine grained, stress relieved cast iron. Four faces and ends machined square and parallel within .002 per 6 inches. Clamping slots for easy workpiece mounting. Shipping Notes on Order Nos. 1701-0790, 1701-0795, 1701-0800: This item's weight exceeds the UPS shipping standard; therefore…
    $118.00 - $492.50
    Parallel, square and central to within .0002 inch. Each block comes with one clamp. Made of steel hardened to Rc 58-62. Sizes other than those listed available by special order.
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    $208.70 - $2352.25
    Powerful alnico magnet and on/off switch. Top, bottom and end magnetize simultaneously. Precision ground flat, square and parallel to overall .0005-inch accuracy. Bottom surface relieved .125 to minimize magnetism loss. Model MTC-LFP has 3/16 x 1/16 inch fine pole construction for holding small or…
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    $471.80 - $1412.65
    High quality, stress relieved cast iron. All faces and ends finished square and parallel. Size tolerance, ±.015 inch. Ground finish is square within .0005 per 6 inches and parallel .0025 per 6 inches.
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    $273.50 - $776.35
    Part Suburban Tool's SineSet system. Designed to bolt directly, with little or no indicating, to SineSet sine or compound sine plate of same size and series to form regular magnetic or magnetic compound sine plate. Also use alone as parallel chuck. Made with ceramic permanent magnets for superior…
    $1207.95 - $2339.30
    High quality fine grained cast iron, stress relieved. Webbed Type 2 faces. All ends machined square and parallel within .002 inch per 6 inches. Clamping slots for easy workpiece mounting. Shipping Notes on Order No. 1701-0755: This item's weight exceeds the UPS shipping standard; therefore there…
    $86.50 - $443.30
    Use with Suburban Tool Model AP-445 V-step angle plate.
    $23.80 - $87.50
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