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    * Enters narrow grooves, slots and recesses, making possible the measurement of sections, such as ribs, lands, fins, cutting edges on form tools and chordal thickness of gear teeth* Ratchet stop and lock nut* Thin, tapered anvil and spindle discs, 1/2-inch diameter, 1/16 inch at the center, and…
    $345.00 - $400.00
    * Satin chrome finish on head for no glare and rust resistance* Tubular measuring rods* Lightweight plus extreme rigidity* Rods attachable to either or both ends of head for ease of reading* Each rod marked with length* Hardened and ground anvils on rods, adjustable for length* Head anvil hardened…
    $323.00 - $757.00
    Starrett's most popular micrometer series features precision performance; strong, lightweight rigidity and construction; and moderate price. Features:* Forged frames ribbed for extra strength, have baked enamel finish, and are tapered for narrow slots and tight places* Designed with correct thimble…
    $138.00 - $411.00
    Cases for 0- to 1-inch and 1- to 2-inch micrometers are deluxe, fitted plastic, with rigid, substantial construction. Cases for larger tools are heavy duty wood, or high density rigid foam construction.
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    $14.70 - $82.95
    * Smooth black; enameled, tapered frame* Conical anvil and spindle* Quick comparison of threads and measuring small grooves* Satin chrome finish on sleeve and thimble* One-piece extra rigid spindle* Hardened threads* One-piece, drop forged, ribbed steel frame* Decimal equivalents* Note: no ratchet…
    item # 1240-2285
    * Large, easy to read (.275 inch/7mm), high-contrast LCD digital readout* IP67 level of protection against coolant, water, dust and dirt* Starrett no glare satin chrome finish on thimble and sleeve * Friction thimble, carbide faces and spindle lock* Balanced, tapered frame for comfortable and…
    $200.00 - $269.00
    Recommended for mechanics, automotive service and machine shops, tool rooms, inspection departments and wherever gaging involves a wide range of measurements. Mics feature ratchet stops and lock nut. All sets come with standards and protective cases that keep everything together and readily accessible.
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    $607.00 - $4022.00
    * Thousandths of an inch read directly from a counter* Ten-thousandths of an inch taken from a vernier scale on sleeve* Lock nut secures spindle at any reading* Micro-lapped anvil and spindle faces* Hardened threads ground from the solid and stabilized* One-piece, drop forged steel frame One-inch…
    $264.00 - $424.00
    * All micrometers (except Model 734XFL-1) transmit data to the complete Starrett SPC Plus family of hardware and software, in addition to PCs* LCD readout* Minus sign display for below zero readings* No glare black wrinkle finish on frame* One-year working battery life* Automatic shutdown after 2…
    $340.00 - $1101.00
    * Measures wall thickness of tubing and other parts with cylindrical walls, and from a hole (minimum size of 3/16 inch) to an edge* Output capability to Starrett SPC Plus™ hardware and software and to IBM compatible PCs* High contrast LCD readout with large numbers* Auto shutdown after two…
    item # 1240-1595
    * Easy to read, well balanced thimble diameter with distinct figures* Sleeve design with staggered lines assures precise, easy readability* Satin chrome finish; no glare and rust resistant* Micro-lapped finish on spindle face* One-piece extra rigid spindle* Hardened threads* Quick reading figures,…
    $229.00 - $237.00
    * Ratchet stop and lock nut* Full finish tapered frame for use in narrow slots and tight places* No glare satin chrome finish is rust resistant * Micro-lapped finish on anvil and spindle faces* One-piece extra rigid spindle* Hardened threads ground from solid and stabilized* Rigid drop forged steel…
    item # 1240-0065
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