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    Full-size gage has polished or black wrinkle finish on all non-bearing surfaces Gage features fine adjustment and upper sleeve that holds scribers or rods of various indicators. Two frictionally held gage pins can be pushed down and referenced against surface plate edge or T-slot for linear work.…
    item # 1240-1075
    Hardened ball measuring surface with two-point contact. Smooth, sensitive size adjustment. Contact surface consists of split ball adjusted to size by a knurled knob at gage head. Final size thousandths of an inch is obtained by measuring over ball contacts with a micrometer. Contacts hardened for…
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    $38.00 - $233.00
    * Measure depth of holes, slots, shoulders and projections to .001 inch* Rods inserted through a hole in the screw and brought to a positive seat by knurled nut* Both sleeve and thimble have no glare satin chrome finish* Quick read graduations* Precision ground screw with 1-inch movement* Lock nut…
    $257.00 - $459.00
    Determine true size of holes, slots and recesses. Handle rigidly attached to contact plunger body. Automatically self centers. Contact ends hardened and ground to a radius for proper clearance for smallest hole gage will enter. Handles about 2-3/8 inches long.
    $35.00 - $267.00
    By holding base in one hand, blade can be turned and positioned at any angle relative to the base. The blade does not turn, but moves perpendicularly only, allowing narrow shoulder measurement without blade rolling off. Great for slots and recesses as narrow as .045 inch. Rods are approximately…
    $305.00 - $391.00
    Starrett's finest full-size surface gage. Stable steel base fully hardened, ground and finely finished. Four frictionally held gage pins add versatility for referencing. V-groove in base for cylindrical as well as flat surfaces. Fine adjustment and upper sleeve to hold scribers and various…
    item # 1240-1735
    * Clear, easy to read white numbers on black background reduce errors* No-glare black finish on frame* Read measurement directly from counter* Ring-type knurled lock nut for quick, sure locking* Combination ratchet and speeder for uniform pressure and quicker adjustment* Hardened, ground, and…
    item # 1240-2245
    Handy gage is approximately the size of a thin pocket watch and fits naturally into the curve between thumb and index finger. Ideal for inspectors, purchasing agents and salespeople to check material sizes. Slight pull on serrated top plate raises spindle. Small count hand to record each revolution…
    $333.00 - $360.00
    After inserting work between measuring contacts, releasing lever make spindle contact the work, providing accurate size reading because pressure is independent of user. Radiused contact edges to prevent work from being marred or deflected. Dial can be adjusted relative to zero and locked with bezel…
    item # 1240-2400
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