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    Ideal when work is held securely, and blade is not subjected to bending and twisting stresses. Blades hold edge when cutting hard to machine alloys and maintain straightness. Uniformly hardened molybdenum.
    $12.90 - $40.40
    Consists of rule and square, center and protractor heads. Reversible lock bolts, spirit level in square and protractor heads, tempered steel machine divided blade, and direct read double 180-degree protractor scale.
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    $223.00 - $333.00
    Graduated and ground vials in all models. All levels except 4-inch have cross test vial. With cross test, level simultaneously in both directions and prevent inaccuracies in main vial reading from canting the level sideways on round work. The 12-inch model has a plumb vial; 18 inch size has double…
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    $111.00 - $380.00
    Use where extreme accuracy is required. Beams and blades are hardened, ground and lapped for parallelism and straightness. Beam is grooved at inner corner for clearance of burrs or dirt. Made of high quality tool steel, with the finest craftsmanship throughout.
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    $202.00 - $4407.00
    Square head only. Reversible lock bolt, spirit level and tempered steel machine divided blade. Regular or satin chrome finish. Graduated in 8ths, 16ths, 32nds and 64ths.
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    $82.00 - $125.00
    Useful for setting bevels, transferring angles and other tasks. Invaluable to draftsmen, machinists and all mechanics. Head is rectangular, thus providing four working edges. Flat back. Double gradations from 0 to 180 degrees in opposite directions to directly read angle and supplementary angley.…
    item # 1240-1200
    Satin chrome finish.
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    $52.00 - $354.00
    Compact level made from hexagonal stock. Main vial and convex ends.
    $31.50 - $33.00
    Mechanics, toolmakers and pattern makers frequently use these 6-inch sets because of compact size and light weight. Heads are drop forged and hardened, with smooth black enamel finish.
    $95.00 - $165.00
    High tension frame has easy to use adjusting lever that requires minimal turns to go to 28,000 PSI. Tension prevents blade twisting and binding when bearing down. Four permanently angled mounting pins for both straight and angle cutting and to keep blade in place even when tension is relieved.…
    item # 6525-0275
    An especially useful little level, invaluable for plumbing, approximate squaring and leveling work. Cast iron with satin nickel finish and flat, true working surfaces. Two vials at right angles for cross test leveling without moving tool. Plumb level at top to check squareness.
    item # 1240-0011
    Designed for draftsmen and civil engineers. Particularly valuable for drawing any number of radial lines at any desired angle from a common center. Satin chrome finish. Lies flat on paper. Includes one needle and one cone point.
    item # 1240-2240
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