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    Consists of rule and square, center and protractor heads. Reversible lock bolts, spirit level in square and protractor heads, tempered steel machine divided blade, and direct read double 180-degree protractor scale.
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    $223.00 - $333.00
    * With angular adjustment; measure die clearances and check angles and drafts on patterns* Beam graduated to show the setting in degrees* Blades can be set for any angle up to 10 degrees, either side of 0 degrees; angle is indicated by the line on the pointer* Beam beveled adjacent to blade for…
    $218.00 - $290.00
    Ideal when work is held securely, and blade is not subjected to bending and twisting stresses. Blades hold edge when cutting hard to machine alloys and maintain straightness. Uniformly hardened molybdenum.
    $12.90 - $40.40
    Satin chrome finish.
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    $52.00 - $354.00
    Graduated and ground vials in all models. All levels except 4-inch have cross test vial. With cross test, level simultaneously in both directions and prevent inaccuracies in main vial reading from canting the level sideways on round work. The 12-inch model has a plumb vial; 18 inch size has double…
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    $111.00 - $380.00
    * Ideal for precise measurements in all machining, layout and inspection work* Smooth, jeweled lever action* Positive reversing switch* Hard chrome plated ratchet contact point* Swiveling tubular body* Easy reading dials, half-shaded yellow for clarity
    $191.00 - $271.00
    * All micrometers (except Model 734XFL-1) transmit data to the complete Starrett SPC Plus family of hardware and software, in addition to PCs* LCD readout* Minus sign display for below zero readings* No glare black wrinkle finish on frame* One-year working battery life* Automatic shutdown after 2…
    $340.00 - $1101.00
    * Measures wall thickness of tubing and other parts with cylindrical walls, and from a hole (minimum size of 3/16 inch) to an edge* Output capability to Starrett SPC Plus™ hardware and software and to IBM compatible PCs* High contrast LCD readout with large numbers* Auto shutdown after two…
    item # 1240-1595
    Four different attachments adapt tool to countless applications. Readily interchangeable with wiggler shank. Attachments snap into chuck without removing collet nut and are clamped by a ball swivel joint for adjustment to an angular position. Comes with four attachments: shank with point; .250-inch…
    item # 1240-1860
    * Smooth black; enameled, tapered frame* Conical anvil and spindle* Quick comparison of threads and measuring small grooves* Satin chrome finish on sleeve and thimble* One-piece extra rigid spindle* Hardened threads* One-piece, drop forged, ribbed steel frame* Decimal equivalents* Note: no ratchet…
    item # 1240-2285
    Full-size gage has polished or black wrinkle finish on all non-bearing surfaces Gage features fine adjustment and upper sleeve that holds scribers or rods of various indicators. Two frictionally held gage pins can be pushed down and referenced against surface plate edge or T-slot for linear work.…
    item # 1240-1075
    Readability and control features * Large (.380-inch/9.6 mm), easy-to-read LCD display reads in clear bar graduations of .0005 inch and .01 mm* Clear bar graduations in .100-inch and 5 mm increments* Instant inch/mm conversion* Carrier and scriber designated to read from zero* "Hold" control feature…
    $824.00 - $1351.00
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