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Baked enamel finished frames and carbide tipped faces. Includes standard bars and carrying case.
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$410.30 - $974.60
* Faster measurement with 2 millimeters per revolution instead of the standard 0.5* Patented ratchet thimble mechanism helps ensure repeatability* Origin set, zero/absolute, hold, function lock, auto power on/off, low voltage alarm, counting value composition error* Function lock helps prevent…
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$215.60 - $246.40
Gaging surface fully hardened for long life. Full round surface with flat bottom to use in small, shallow holes, slots and grooves. Knurled knob at handle end for size adjustment. Obtain hole size by measuring over contact points with micrometer.
$24.09 - $101.75
With ease of operation of paramount importance, stable measuring accuracy, and variety of functions, Mitutoyo Digimatic height gages have become the standard for height measuring instruments. Absolute ABS encoder for direct measurement from power on, and easy to read large LCD display. Economical…
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$598.40 - $1081.30
Mitutoyo's Absolute Linear Encoder technology provides superior cost performance and ease of use. Turn the power on, and essential functions and direct measurement are provided. No more time consuming origin setup, which otherwise is required each time the power is turned on. Zero setting is also…
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item # 1259-0800
An economy version of Mitutoyo's Digimatic micrometer with a slimmer design and lighter weight than other models. Other features:* Inch/metric key* World's lightest digital micrometer -- .47 pounds (215 grams) * Easily measures 0 to 1 inch/25.4 millimeters with resolution to .00005 inch/0.001…
$127.60 - $130.90
* Anti-magnetic, with jeweled bearings* O-ring incorporated in bezel design seals instrument from dust and oil mist* Enlarged tooth pitch on crown gear improves ability to withstand shock* Rubber bumpers limit sector gear travel and prevent damage due to excess travel* Special sector gear alloy…
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$124.30 - $177.10
* Carbide faced anvil and spindle* Ratchet stop for exact repetitive readings* Hammertone green baked enamel finish frame* Includes fitted carrying case* Standards for mics from 1-2 and 11-12 inches (none with 0-1 inch size)* Positive locking clamp* Lightweight, sturdy frame
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$113.30 - $303.60
Based on waterproof structural technology, micrometers provide IP65 protection levels, enabling use in environments exposed to cutting oil, etc. Oil resistant materials are used in all plastic components. Other features:* LCD display with auto power on/off function* Reads to 50 millionths of an…
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$168.30 - $331.10
Non-rotating spindle type. Anvil and spindle have blade for measuring the groove diameter of shafts, keyways and other hard to reach portions. Decimal equivalents marked on frame (Model 122-125). Hammertone green finish on 2-, 3- and 4-inch models. Zero adjustment on sleeve. Standard bar for 1-2…
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$287.10 - $336.60
* Measures hard to reach locations, such as from a hole or slot to an edge* Measures tubing thickness, shoulder edge distance, rivet head height, etc. with interchangeable anvils* Carbide tipped spindle face* Positive locking clamp* Friction thimble for exact and repetitive readings* Includes…
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$198.00 - $232.10
* Mitutoyo lens technology and workmanship combine to provide bright crisp image for error-free inspection* 14-inch diameter screen with linear scales* The 8-by-4-inch work stage incorporates linear scales for fast, accurate measurement* Work stage provides high accuracy and can handle workload of…
item # 1259-3000
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