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    Proprietary, high-tech, elastomeric rubber compound designed to provide reliable "formed-in-place" gaskets for mechanical assemblies. Designed specifically as replacement for conventional cut gaskets where instant sealability is advantageous. Product resists aging, weathering and thermal cycling…
    $23.70 - $29.55
    For preventing corrosion, seizing and galling in harsh chemical environments and temperatures to 2,400° F. Recommended for stainless steel and other metal fittings. Copper free. Must be shipped ground service only.
    item # 6703-0605
    A heavy duty, temperature resistant, pertroleum-based lubricant compound, fortified with graphite and metallic flake. It is inert and will not evaporate or harden in extreme cold or heat. Use in assemblies to 1,600 degrees F (871 degrees C). For general purpose industrial maintenance applications,…
    item # 6703-0603
    A graphite-calcium fluoride formula, free of lead, copper, sulfur and associated compounds. Contains no free metals and compatible with stainless steel and other nickel alloys. Typical applications include bolts, screws, studs, pipe joints, nuts, plugs, bushings, extruding and forming dies, heat…
    $6.90 - $31.85
    Formula suspends copper and graphite in high quality grease. Protects metal parts from rust, corrosion, galling, and seizing at temperatures to 1,800 degrees F (982 degrees C). Meets MIL-A-907.
    item # 6703-0640
    Features and benefits:* Lab tested for immediate low pressure sealing to 100 PSI* Controlled lubricity prevents galling* Protects threaded areas from rust and corrosion* Provides exceptional fluid compatibility and chemical resistance* Will not contaminate or clog lines* Eases disassembly Typical…
    item # 6703-0730
    Gasket maker retains high flexibility and oil resistance for longer gasket life. Temperature range is -75 to 625 degrees F (-59 to 329 degrees C) intermittent. Low odor, non-corrosive. Resistant to most chemicals and solvents. Fills gaps to 0.25 inch.
    $12.45 - $27.90
    Single component, room temperature vulcanizing compound is an excellent adhesive sealant for mechanical assemblies. Material cures on exposure to air moisture to form a tough, flexible, silicone rubber seal. Resists aging, weathering and thermal cycling without hardening, shrinking or cracking.…
    $9.90 - $27.95
    A heavy duty, high temperature anti-seize thread compound for heavy pressure applications. It can be used in high temperature areas up to 1,600 degrees F. Silver Grade is used to lubricate and enable easy disassembly of assemblies exposed to high temperatures and heavy contact pressures, such as…
    item # 6703-0600
    Dressing holds precut gasket in place for positioning and assembly. Ideal for sealing and bonding rubber, cork, paper, felt and metal gaskets. Patented semi-solid formula offers added convenience and portability and will not spill or leak. Solvent free and low odor. Typical applications are to seal…
    item # 6703-1005
    A ready to use, single component, room temperature, vulcanizing adhesive/sealant for making 500° to 600° F gaskets and seals. Uncured Superflex Red is a red, viscous, non-sag, low volatile paste, which emits small amount of acetic acid (vinegar-like odor) while curing to a flexible rubber.…
    $7.60 - $24.90
    A reliable, paste-like gasket sealant, dressing and coating. Sets more slowly to a pliable film best suited for non-rigid, vibrating assemblies. Use to 400 degrees F. Resistant to gasoline and other solvents. Applications include valve cover and oil pan gaskets and threaded connections.
    item # 6703-0016
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