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The unique, versatile Angle-izer™ can replace the need for making templates. It sets up in seconds and not only improves quality, but saves time. Just form the tool into the shape of your work area; then use to mark workpiece to be cut. Features:* Repeat accurate marking for creating…
item # 6800-0595
For checking external and internal 90-degree angles; use where accurate right angles are essential. Beam riveted to fully ground and polished carbon steel blade. Groove on inside beam corner for dirt or burr clearance.
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$12.50 - $66.50
Designed for mechanic, machinist or hobbyist. Contains four of General's best selling tools: Model 300 6-inch rule; Model 383X telescoping magnetic pickup; Model 87 automatic center punch; and Model 88 scriber. Vinyl protector has snapping flap.
item # 6800-0265
* Quick way to identify machine screws, bolts, wood screws, standard size rivets and common cotter pin sizes up to 5/16 inch (8 mm)* 3-inch scale on top to check screw lengths* Provides required drill diameters for tap and hole sizes* Threaded holes show threads per inch; unthreaded indicate size…
item # 6800-1195
Ideal for inspection of hidden, tight or unlit areas in applications ranging from industrial maintenance and automotive repair to general homeowner DIY applications. Strong LEDs provide powerful illumination for reading serial numbers, checking for broken or missing parts, and locating missing…
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item # 6800-0910
SeaScope is the first and only video inspection system with an IP67 rated waterproof grip, monitor and probe. Available as non-recording (DCS600) or recording (DCS660). Ideal for plumbing related tasks, such as inspecting submerged structures and basements, or pipes carrying water. Also inspect…
$170.00 - $256.00
Ideal for toolmakers, assemblers, inspectors and mechanics. Inspect inaccessible workpieces or machines using extendable handle. Fully polished mirror for crystal clear reflections. Dual ball and socket joints for infinite angle adjustments. Cushion grip handle.
item # 6800-0205
Ultratest rule manufactured by special process to meet or exceed federal specification GGG-R-791f for accuracy. Ultra-fine black graduations against hard satin chrome finish for easy reading and long life. Includes plastic sleeve.
item # 6800-0975
Used by anyone who needs sharp clear magnification without eyestrain, including toolmakers, jewelers, instrument assemblers, laboratory technicians, engineers, mechanics and inspectors. Distortion free magnification of large areas. Reversible light reflector adapts for right- or left-hand use.…
item # 6800-0125
Hardened and ground steel needle points fixed to knurled body. One standard and one bent point.
item # 6800-0625
Precision made with etched fine black graduations for easy reading and long life. Polished stainless steel finish.
$7.20 - $8.85
Tungsten carbide tip marks hard materials, including hardened steel, ceramics and glass. Scriber point reverses for safety. Aluminum-nickel-cobalt permanent magnet picks up small parts and retrieves steel chips from hard to reach places.
item # 6800-0025
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