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    CMT Orange Tools

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    CMT thoroughly researched the shortcomings of standard dado sets and learned what cabinetmakers wanted the most from an ideal dado blade. The result is a dado with the following features: * Anti-kickback design to reduce overfeeding that can occur when cutting mass material* Splinter resistant cuts…
    item # 0811-0500
    The perfect way to securely mount wall hangings on screws and nails. Make holes that keep frames, plaques, etc. hanging perfectly straight and firmly attached. Bit bores an entry hole into the wood and cuts a 3/16-inch hole. It finishes by boring a larger opening under the surface.
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    item # 0811-0210
    Razor sharp, double-faced cutters made of special Fatigue Proof® steel and micrograin carbide. They withstand even the heaviest workload and still provide a smooth, precise cut every time, as well as exceptional chip ejection for cleaner, more constant cutting. Use on variety of plywood,…
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    $14.65 - $23.75
    How long do you spend making openings in paneling, drywall, siding, doors or windows? With this bit, the job just got quicker. Point plunges smoothly and easily, and carbide edges cut clean and fast. All adds up to accurate cuts with less time and effort. Great for trimming Formica, veneer and…
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    item # 0811-0115
    Profile has a horizontal bead along bottom to add decorative detail to the traditional ogee design.
    $42.45 - $44.10
    Smaller bearing makes a delicate inset at base of the cut, providing an extra decorative option. Simply change bit bearing to create a bead profile.
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    $28.25 - $57.20
    For framing, decking and general construction. For use on portable and cordless circular saws. Cuts soft and hard woods, panels, lumber, plywood and OSB sheets.
    item # 0811-0395
    For finishing crosscuts and occasional rip cuts. Use on portable benchtop and table saws. Cuts soft and hard woods and plywood.
    $20.40 - $28.60
    Roman ogee might be the most popular edge treatment in woodworking, and one of the most beautiful. Bits produce a perfect rendition of this classic design.
    $34.29 - $35.10
    Use bits to add a final touch to simple or elegant furniture, doors and drawer fronts. Join them together with a roundover bit and make perfectly fitting rule joints, ideal for drop leaf counters and table tops. Aanti-kickback design, carbide-tipped cutting edges, Fatigue Proof® steel body and…
    $35.95 - $36.80
    Bits cut clean, accurate bevels and chamfers. Great for edge work or to make perfectly aligned multi-sided containers, boxes and other decorative projects. Get excellent results on larger scale projects, such as beams and columns.
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    $29.79 - $35.95
    Pair up this double fluted bit with choice of template to produce cabinet and furniture pieces, signs, toys and any other creative project. Carbide tipped to last longer, bit is equipped with bearing above the cutter, enabling work with template on top of wood. This provides a clear view to work…
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    item # 0811-0105
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