International Orders

We now accept international orders pending acceptance of our shipping and payment terms. We will work with you to ensure your international shopping experience is fast and easy.

What forms of payment do you accept for international orders?

We accept payment only through PayPal, wire transfer, money order or U.S. funds.

What shipping methods are available for international orders?

All international orders are quoted shipping charges before the order is complete. All international orders are shipped via United States Postal Service or UPS (if you have an existing UPS Freight account and want to use them as your broker). Our international quotes do not include other charges by the shipping company (see next section). Please call us at 1-586-754-9270 for more information.

Duty charges and border and brokerage fees

Our international quotes do not include these costs, which are assessed by the shipping company at the time of delivery.

I live in Canada. Do your international payment and shipping terms also apply to me?

Yes, but due to the number of loyal customers we have in Canada, we will extend our payment options to any major credit card as well as PayPal, wire transfer, money orders or U.S. funds. We also permit additional shipping methods of Air Parcel or Parcel Post for Canadian orders. Please be advised that we quote all shipping costs before your order is placed.

** Please note that all international orders are reviewed, which may prolong the completion of your order by one to three days. Due to the large number of fraudulent orders from foreign countries, we have the right to reject your order if we suspect fraud.