Open Accounts & Leasing

Apply for an open account or check out our leasing option.

How do I establish an Open Account?

In order to establish an open account you must have a Dun & Bradstreet rating of EE-2 or better. Please begin by following steps below:
  1. Download and fill out the following forms. Acrobat Reader is required.
  2. Please be sure to provide us with three (3) trade references from your current suppliers and one (1) bank reference.
  3. Mail or fax the completed forms to the branch you wish to place your orders from. Visit our store locations section for branch contact information.
Open Account Terms: Our terms are 1% 10 days or net 30 days. Accounts with unpaid balances over thirty (30) days will be subject to a 1-1/2% interest fee. We ask that you please comply. Customers desiring terms in excess of the above, must advise us before placing their orders. We will do our best to work out satisfactory arrangements.

What items qualify for your Leasing Program?

We're sorry, but we don't offer leasing anymore.