Etch-O-Matic Super Industrial Etching Kit

The Etch-O-Matic marking system permanently marks metal tools and equipment in seconds. It will etch into the surface of almost any metal except anodized aluminum. The system etches anything that can be typed, written, drawn or die impressed on a special stencil, such as names, numbers and trademarks, or even your signature.

It will mark round surfaces from 1/16-inch diameter on up and will mark any metal thickness from foil on up, without production cracks or stress marks. It can even permanently mark the hardest tool steel or carbide almost instantly.

The Super Etch-O-Matic Super Industrial kit gives you enough supplies to mark almost any type of metal in the average plant. Set contains the following:

  • Super and regular Etch-O-Matic markers with adapter clip for deep etch marking
  • Ground plate
  • 8 ounces each of general purpose and stainless steel electrolytes
  • Two 100-pack stencils
  • 4 ounces of aluminum, black oxide, brass, copper and bronze electrolytes
  • Large 2-by-4-inch grid
  • Pack of large felt pads
  • Pack of 25 large stencils
  • 8 ounces of neutralizer
  • Two neutralizer powder packs
  • One regular grid
  • Instructions
  • Platic storage case