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SNMG-MR Double Sided 90° Square Turning Inserts

Medium turning of carbon and alloy steel. Feed rate (IPR), .006-.024. Depth of cut range, .016-.200 inch.

The following grades are available:

  • PH5115 Versatile carbide substrate with a gradient layer close to the surface. Medium temperature CVD coating with aluminium oxide. Suitable for high to medium cutting speeds on steel, cast andstainless steel, and cast iron.
  • PH5125 is a tough carbide substrate with medium temperature aluminum oxide CVD coating. It combines both toughness and wear resistance, improving tool life in difficult situations. Recommended for medium to light roughing of steel, stainless and cast iron.
  • PH5740 is a binary (tungsten carbide and cobalt) substrate grade with medium size tungsten carbide grains and medium temperature CVD aluminum oxide coating. Suitable for heavy roughing to roughing operations with interrupted cuts. Recommended for steel, stainless and cast iron.



Tool No.:SNMG 432-MR
Hole Size:.203