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Mig 100E MK2 Welder (Clarke)

  • Welds from 24 gauge up to 1/4 inch with solid wire and DC reverse polarity.
  • Top quality Benzel torch.
  • Solid state contactor for fast triggering while stitch welding. No contact to wear out
  • Easy slide loading of 4- to 12-inch wire spools
  • 100 percent duty on low heat, which tapers to 15 percent of maximum heat
  • No electricity on the wire until the trigger is pulled
  • Safety thermal cutout protects against overload
  • Six heat settings
  • 120-volt input heavy-duty drive

Includes professional regulator, solid wire, contact tips, gun, nozzle, ground clamp, face mask and instructional video. Not fan cooled.



Wire Feed:45 ft./min.
Peak Amps:30/130
Volts/Phase:110V, 1 ph.
Size:.023/.030 wire
Open Circuit Voltage:21-28
Spool Capacity:Mini, 11 lbs.
Dimensions:17" x 10" x 15"
Net Weight:53 lbs.
Max Thickness Capacity:3/16"