Standard features: 6-inch three-jaw chuck, 8-inch four-jaw chuck, 2MT live center, 2MT and 3MT dead centers, center sleeve, toolbox, steady and follow rests, thread change gears, 8-inch face plate, four-way turret and 1/2-inch drill chuck. Note: Appearance may vary from picture.



Tailstock Travel:4"
Feed Rod:3/4" dia.
Compound Travel:3-1/4"
Cross Slide Travel:5-7/8"
Motor:1 hp, 110V AC, mag. switch, 1 ph.
Hole Through Spindle:1-3/8"
Thread Size:40 inch (4-112 TPI); 29 metric (0.2-4.5)
Swing Over Bed:12"
Bed:47" L x 7-5/32" W
Saddle Travel:33"
Spindle Taper:5MT
Spindle Speed(s):70-1,400 rpm
Net Weight:850 lbs.
Lead Screw:7/8" dia. x 8 TPI
Swing Over Cross Slide:7"
Tailstock Taper:3MT
Spindle Mount:D1-4
Distance Bet. Centers:36"